DAISEE — Open-design program for people who consider energy as a common(s)

07/12/2016 CC-BY-SA (International 4.0)
DAISEE [CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 — The grey triangular shape logo is derived from the Ethereum logo]

DAISEE: a new energy paradigm

We deeply believe that the only option to survive to the Anthropocene, in a more complex and volatile world, is to consider Energy as a Common(s).
That’s why we have the ambition to bring energy door-to-door, like the internets have brought information (and so much more) at our doorstep, either from a centralized system or just from your neighbor. We want to foster resilient decentralized, secured and trusted energy infrastructures giving the power to the “prosumers” to freely decide how to share energy.
In practice, we’re working on several (proto-) designs of ‘open-source based secured decentralized autonomous energy organization systems’ and the deployment of trusted peer-to-peer energy infrastructures at micro scale.

DAISEE : an open-design program

We bootstrap DAISEE in 2016 as an open-design program co-produced by La MYNE (a ‘tiers-lieu’ based in Lyon dedicated to sustainable issues) and CELLABZ (a ‘labs builder’ who facilite the appropriation of all the emerging technologies), with the very precious help of the CitizenWatt community.
The core contributors have federated during the Hackaday Prize 2016:
… and more and more people are coming everyday. Maybe you?! Ping us :)